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This is a casual pleroma instance run by me, desvox, with moderation assistance from Samantha. We dont have any central topic or particularly tight rules.


  • This is not a free speech zone. Posts and accounts that are solely intended to harass or offend users will be deleted. This includes but is not limited to racial slurs and homophobic, transphobic, racist, and white supremist terminology and ideology. If this bothers you, this instance is not for you.
  • Feel free to post lewd text or imagery but always tag your content with clear content warnings and mark your media as sensitive. Remember you're in a public space and try to be cautious of others.
  • No child porn, loli, or other illegal shit. Do not boost this content either.
  • Be nice and be considerate to all users, on or off the instance. Do not try to antagonize people. Please don't post someone's personal information without thier clear consent. Please leave users alone if they ask you to, even if you do not feel like you did anything wrong. If you are flirting with people, please respect their boundaries.
  • You can run bots here but if they post more than once per hour, please post as unlisted so they do not show on the public timeline.
  • This instance is not to be used as a platform for advertising products or sponsored content. However, if you want to share your personal projects you're welcome, because you're contributing something unique. Feel free to plug your patreon or any way that you can recieve tips or donations. If you are asking for donations, please be respectful and dont ask more than once a day. ยท Last modified: 2019/06/14 15:49 by desvox